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Provide space

Due to the large number of children who need the opportunity to study, we are looking for additional premises to open new educational spaces in Warsaw.  The room we need is 500-1500 sq.m., no more than 4 floors, has an office system, each with a size of not less than 30 sq.m., not far from a good transport interchange, but far from  active transport traffic.

If you have something to offer us, please contact us. Hundreds of Ukrainian children will be very grateful to you for your help and support.

Become a volunteer
Donate equipment and school supplies

To organize the learning process, we need many different things: school desks, boards, cabinets, musical instruments, computers, monitors, sports equipment, student notebooks, textbooks, paper and more. 

If you have these treasures, bring them to us!

We will be infinitely grateful to you for any of your help.

Become a permanent sponsor of education

Children love attention and new interesting events. They are very happy when people come to them, ready to help with learning, development, provide psychological assistance and have fun together.

If you are this person, we are waiting for you!

Educational space is not only premises and equipment, first of all, it is professional teachers who need a decent salary for their work every month. Therefore, monthly maintenance educational space requires a lot of money. 

Become our guardian angel by joining the monthly funding of our projects.

Join us.

The children of Ukraine need our joint help.

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