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Our mission

The Educational Center Children of Ukraine Foundation was established to provide educational opportunities for children of Ukraine who were forced to leave their homeland due to the war and found protection in Poland. Our efforts are aimed at creating educational spaces for children, where they can get a good quality education by learning their native language, engaging in arts and sports, communicating with friends in their native language, studying the history and culture of Ukraine. Where children will be able not to lose their Ukrainian identity and cultural traditions, for the sake of which people are now dying in Ukraine.

More than 1,000 refugee children from Ukraine are now in Warsaw. They survived the horrors of war, are away from home, friends and family, they miss their ordinary lives. So, we must do everything to improve their live away from home and give them a space where they will be happy, almost like at home.

Join us.

The children of Ukraine need our joint help.

       Our Partners

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